From 1947 to 1961 it is owned by Joseph Pelczarsky and his wife Mary. They would convert the two room school house into a two family home. Henry J Baker Jr and his wife Fredericka B were tenants were tenants from 1947 to 1948. He worked at the Union Coal and Wood Company. Joseph Pelczarsky was a musician who played saxophone. In 1950 Hart-Lester Allen widow of Joseph Allen was a new tenant. The Allen story is HERE. The book that the Gionfriddo family wrote about here is HERE. Pelczarsky in 1955 lists himself as a salesman at the Epstein Furniture Store.

Pelczarsky would grow up at 2 Oliver Street. His father would work at the Lyman Mills as a weaver. In the late 1920s they would move to Front Street. In about 1930 Joseph Pelczarsky would marry a woman with the first name of Lucille. In 1931, they would live at 7 Wolcott Street and he would work as an upholsterer at 737 Dwight Street and as a musician. In 1932, they would live at 105 Walnut Street and he would work as an upholsterer at 108 High Street and as a musician. The couple would disappear from 1933 to 1944. Finally, in 1945 he would show up in Holyoke again newly remarried after a divorce. His new wife Mary C and he live at 1966 Northampton Street for two years.

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