Otto Dreikorn house

Edward Twing had two different lots worked on in Holyoke. This was done from 1923 to 1925. One was at 62 Central Park Drive and the other at the double land lot 198 and 208 Central Park Drive.

The Twing house at 62 Central Park Drive. The home is Tudor revival. This is the first of two homes that Edward Twing had the Olmsted Brothers fully design. This one was designed in 1923. It was perhaps ready in 1930 but the worldwide Depression did not allow for Twing to find a buyer for the grand home. I believe Twing built these homes in the Wyckoff area for resale only.

Soon after it was built Otto Dreikorn purchased the house. Otto Dreikorn was a bread maker of Holyoke. He was also a fire commissioner for decades. FINDAGRAVE

More importantly for us is that he was the president of the Wyckoff Park Realty Corporation and owner of the Mt Tom Golf Course.

His father named Max Otto started the Dreikorn bread store from scratch and also worked on the Parks Commission for the city of Holyoke.

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