Ludlow Center Historic District

Ludlow Center Historic District

Meeting House – 1783

Rood Memorial

Charles D Rood / In Memory of My Beloved / Father and Mother

1815 J Dexter Rood 1890 / 1819 Clarissa Walker Rood 1906

Clarissa Walker Rood

Joshua Dexter Rood – his parents are both in the nearby Fuller Cemetery

Charles Dexter Rood



Soldier’s Monument


militarydeathdeath placeburial
Daniel Pratt1864AndersonvilleFINDAGRAVE
Anthony O Pott1864FINDAGRAVE
Lyman Bennett1862FINDAGRAVE
Daniel D Currier1864Wilderness, VAFINDAGRAVE
Hiram W Aldrich1864AndersonvilleFINDAGRAVE
Charles McFarlandFINDAGRAVE
Henry Hubbard1864Roanoke Island, NCFINDAGRAVE
Flavius Putnam1864AndersonvilleFINDAGRAVE
Edward Brooks1864New Bern, NCFINDAGRAVE
Ebenezer Lyon1864AndersonvilleFINDAGRAVE
Henry Rood Pease1863Portsmouth, NCFINDAGRAVE
Robert Parsons1862Hagerstown, MDFINDAGRAVE
Augustus Chapman1864AndersonvilleFINDAGRAVE
William Washburn1864AndersonvilleFINDAGRAVE
John Coash1864AndersonvilleFINDAGRAVE
Caleb Crowninshield1864AndersonvilleFINDAGRAVE

Fuller Cemetery


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