Lower Mill Pond

Park in Millside Park.

Lower Mill Pond is a reservoir in Easthampton that has old mills and workers’ homes along it. The Williston Mill is still there but has added to it the Hampton Mills. Along the western edge of Lower Mill Pond is the former West Boylston Mills. The first workers’ homes New City are bounded by Emerald Place, Ferry Street, and Parsons Street. The second workers’ homes Hampton Terrace are off Pleasant Street between the Pleasant Green and Terrace View. The third workers’ homes Everett Street Village are on Everett Street and Grant Street.

stop 0 – Lower Mill Pond

stop 1 – Back of the West Boylston Mills

11902Advertising Corp of America
31901Paragon Rubber / American Character Doll
41907mostly Lesnow
61916Stanley Home Products

stop 2 – Front of the West Boylston Mills

stop 3 – Hampton Terrace and Pleasant Green

Most of these homes are from 1920.

stop 4 – Williston Mill


stop 5 – Hampton Mills

stop 6 – Lower Mill Pond Dam and the Broad Brook

The Broad Brook is dammed at this location. Thus Lower Mill Pond is a reservoir. The water is diverted into the tunnel to the right and meet the powerhouse there.

stop 7 – New City

The oldest homes are 1860s and are located on Ferry, Emerald, and Lincoln. When West Boylston arrived they made more in 1903 – on Harrison and Oakdale. Later in 1920 more were made – on Dartmouth, Exeter, Federal, and Clinton.

stop 8 – Everett Street Village

This Everett Street area was constructed in 1917 to 1918 as homes for mill workers.

1884 to 1902all nothing
1910nothingnothingnothingNew City
1916WB MillsWB MillsFerry St MillsNew City

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