Holyoke Lock Company

The Holyoke Lock Company building was made in 1870 at 121-123 High Street. It is in the Second Empire style. Dennis Higgins owned this building from its inception as he did own the building to its north. He died the 29th of April 1895 in Holyoke and ownership would finally move to other people. Now the 4th floor has a changed look. It was once with slate and 2 dormers but is now with shingles.

Sanborn map analysis:

Sanborn 1884 map a 4 floor building and a milliner occupies it

Sanborn 1889 map shows that it is 4 floors in front and 1 floor in back and a grocer is there

Sanborn 1895 map shows that it is 3 floors and a French roof in front and 1 floor in back and it is a store

Sanborn 1915 map shows a “Damaged by Fire” note on the scheme

Sanborn 1949 map is still 4 floors

Sanborn 1956 map

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