Holyoke History Room Photography Collection

Holyoke History Room Photos

Warner Collection

Milan Warner LINK

Wilhelm Collection

Carl Robert Wilhelm LINK

View of the Mount Tom and Holyoke Ranges – LINK

The Mount Tom Range is to the left in this image and the Mount Holyoke Range is to the right. Mount Nonotuck is visible at left. Mount Norwottuck is at the far right. From right to left until the gap in the mountains for the Connecticut River is Round Mountain (now gone), Bare Mt, Mt Hitchcock, Seven Sisters, and Mt Holyoke. In the midground, from right to left is the First Congregational Church, the Robert Houston house, the Highlands Methodist Episcopal Church, and the Hampden Fire Station. (These have the backdrop of the Mount Holyoke Range.)

In the foreground is the Timothy Merrick house at extreme far right but only a bit visible. Then right to left: the Merrick carriage house and the James Ball mansion (which would become a home of the elderly). In the slightly left of center is a farmhouse that Oren Allyn would purchase and raze. He would build there in about 1907 a development of new homes. In the exact center is the bend of Westfield Road at Roosevelt Avenue. This would become the Roosevelt Triangle. The name “View from Ingleside” is correct since Ingleside was a vastly larger neighborhood in 1900. It included present day Ingleside plus Springdale, Whiting Farms, and southern Oakdale.

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