Holyoke Gas and Electric

Holyoke Water Power generated most of the electricity in the city pre-1902. See the chart below for use in lights. Thus in this tiny comparison, there is a very obvious shift from gas over to electric. The age of electricity was upon us.

lightselectric lightsgas lightsnaphtha lights (oil)

Holyoke Gas and Electric was created in 1902 as a public city department from the electrical division of the private Holyoke Water Power Company.

A Jet Gas Turbine was purchased in December of 1963 and dedicated October 14 1964.

A 6,250 KVa number 9 generator was installed in 1941.

At 5:16 PM of November 9 1965 the Northeast Blackout hit the USA. This was the largest electrical blackout in American history.

In 1967, a new 13 kV aerial cable and 2000 KVA transformer are installed at the Mt Tom Ski area. In that same year on Dec 15th a Holyoke Substation was put in place.

There were other companies in Holyoke that made energy. Look at the coal plant in northern Holyoke.

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