Holy Trinity

Saint Joseph

West Hatfield Congregational Chapel – 11 Church Avenue


Bradstreet Cemetery – 100 feet to the west of Main Street and Old Farms Road – PLAT map

Calvary Cemetery – Bridge Street (100 yards from School Street and 200 yards from Prospect) – 1900 – belonged to Saint Joseph Parish – church at 15 School Street

Hill Cemetery

Holy Trinity Cemetery – Elm Court Road – perhaps 1916 to 2009 – church at 79 Main Street

Main Street Cemetery

West Hatfield Cemetery – West Street south of Chestnut Street and north of Church Avenue

North Hatfield Cemetery – West Street just south of Mountain Drive


Billings Way Tobacco Barn 1890

Sophia Smith House 1867 26 Main 

Graves – Lowell Mansion 1879 18 Elm St Hatfield


Upper Main Street – North, King, and Main Streets

Bradstreet Historic District – Main, Depot, and Old Farms Roads

North Hatfield Historic District – West Street near Depot Road

West Hatfield Historic District – West Street near Church Avenue

Mill – Prospect Street Historic District – Chestnut, Bridge, and Prospect Streets

Hatfield Center Historic District – Main and Elm Streets and Sunset Avenue

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