Hampden Mill

1853 – The Hampden Mill was built as a cotton mill. It was first incorporated and the built by the Hadley Falls Company. They ran 10 thousand spindles and employed 300 people.

1854 – Donald Chase McKintosh (1819 to 1902) came from Scotland as a dyer – a boss dyer.

1868 – Donald McKintosh was fired by the Hampden Mills. Then he started MacKintosh Company near the Parsons Paper Mill near the dam. Fire destroyed this small mill. He moved the mill to Northampton. Then he moved back to Holyoke and located at Bigelow Street.

1881 – Name changed to McKintosh and Sons.

1883 – Crystal Spring Aqueduct Company starts in Hampden Mills. Crystal Springs is located near Community Field.

1888 – Hampden Mills went bankrupt. Donald McKintosh bought Hampden Mills. For many years their stock changed – cotton blend, cotton only, and then cotton yarn by 1918.

1943 – Still 300 workers and all seems happy but two years later there is a strike over wages.

1952 – McKintosh Mills is losing money so they move to Clover South Carolina.

family: Donald Chase McKintosh (1819 to 1902)

son – Charles McKintosh (1857 to 1932)

grandson – John McKintosh – banker in Holyoke and Springfield

great grandson – Donald

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