Cummington was settled in 1762 and was incorporated in 1779.


Crosby Mill Canal

Guilford Mill Canal

Lovell Mill Canal

Brown Paper Mill Canal

Elder Mill Canal

Harlow Mill Canal


Village Congregational Church 1838 – 32 Main Street in Cummington

Cummington Baptist Church 1894 – 17 Main St – first church from 1823 burned


CORBIN transcripts of Cummington cemetery data

Bryant Cemetery – John Warner is oldest burial at 1776 – Trow Road

Cobb Cemetery – Porter Hill Road

Dawes Cemetery – Potash Hill Road

Gurney Cemetery – Mount Road

Harlow Cemetery – Harlow Road

Shaw Cemetery – private land

Streeter Cemetery – Stage Road

Village Cemetery – Main Street 1823

West Cummington Cemetery – Walker Road

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