Chicopee Public Library

Chicopee Public Library

1846 – private library called the Cabot Institute (in Cabotville section of Springfield)

1853 – public library started from a Cabot Institute donation of books at Cabot Hall. This might have been the Cabot House across the street from the town hall.

1872 – library housed in the new Chicopee Town Hall

1890 – library moves next to the town hall into a house at the location of the 1913 library. This is Jerome Well’s house. It was before that Cabot Bank.

1911 – library temporarily moves back into Chicopee City Hall

1913 – Chicopee Library starts in new building at the former location

2004 – at current location

1894 Richards map

Sanborn 1885 map listed as a dwelling

Sanborn 1891 map

Sanborn 1896 map

Sanborn 1902 map

Sanborn 1910 map

Sanborn 1915 map

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