Walnut Street tour

Block 0 – Pulaski Park and St Kolbe Dr

Block 1 – Lyman to Hampden

Block 2 – Hampden to Dwight

Block 3 – Dwight to Suffolk

Block 4 – Suffolk to Appleton

Block 5 – Appleton to Essex

Second Baptist Church of Holyoke

On June 24 1849 the Second Baptist Church of Ireland Parish started but did not have a church yet. The first building was at the corner of Main and Mosher and lasted from 1858 to October of 1863. The second building was at the same corner and was completed in April of 1865. The third building was on Appleton Street and is still there having been completed by October 20 of 1885.

Block 6 – Essex to Cabot

Block 7 – Cabot to Hampshire

Block 8 – Hampshire to Sargeant

Block 9 – Sargeant to Franklin

Block 10 – beyond

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