Northampton Paper Mill Canal

The Northampton Paper Mill made the canal in 1836. Northampton Paper Mill Company Raceway is near the junction of Riverside Drive and Federal Street north of the Mill River.

It started as the William Butler Paper Mill. Then it became the Northampton Paper Company. Then the William Clark Mill. Vernon Paper Mill was later called the E E Wood Cutlery Works and then the Roger’s Cutlery. This was located in Paper Mill Village. The 1860 mill is at 122 Federal Street.

Beers 1871 map
Beers 1871

The William Butler Boarding House on 109 to 115 Milton Street is from the 1820s. The Northampton Paper Mill Superintendent’s House at 89 Federal is from the 1830s.

Butler Paper Mill17861835
Northampton Paper Mill18351843
Clark Paper Mill18431869
Vernon Paper Mill18691886
Northampton Paper Mill18861889
EE Wood Cutlery1889
Roger’s Cutlery
Macris NTH.442 gives the years of existence for these mills.

Sanborn 1884 map as the Vernon

Sanborn 1889 map as the Wood

Sanborn 1895 map as the Wood

Sanborn 1902 map as the Rogers

Sanborn 1910 map as the Rogers

Sanborn 1915 map as the Rogers

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