Saint Mary’s Church Campus

Saint Marys Church Campus

Church – Bartlett Street

The second Saint Mary’s Church was made in 1885 as a neo-Gothic style. The first Saint Mary’s Church was opened in December 1854 and burned in 1881.

Sanborn 1889 map

Convent – 86 Mechanics Street

Saint Mary’s Convent was made in 1909 in the Colonial Revival style.

Saint Mary’s Parish School – 35 Bartlett Street

The school was constructed in 1898.

Parish House – 24 Bartlett Street

The Saint Mary’s Parish House was made about 1894.

Saint Mary’s High School – 27 Bartlett Street

Saint Mary’s High School was made in 1922.

Saint Mary’s Cemetery – LINK

The cemetery most likely opened in 1862.

Sanborn map

1884 hard to find

1895 church

1900 church and 1900 school

1905 church and 1905 school

1910 church and 1910 school

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