Saint Anthony of Padua Church

The first mass of the Saint Anthony of Padua Parish was August 9 1925. The first campus building was built to be a school but the second floor was changed into a church. The first mass there was April 10 1927 (Palm Sunday). The first pastor was Celestine Rozewicz. The cornerstone was blessed May 29 1927. The rectory was ready for Christmas of 1928.

In 1942 the church hall was transformed via renovations from a hall look into a religious church look. A new church was ready for July 7 1971 and blessed on October 24 1971. The old church became a social center. The history of the parish is explained very nicely at LINK. The campus is bounded by St Anthony Street to the south (formerly Senecal Street), Celestine Street to the north (formerly Enright Street), Meadow Street to the east, and Chicopee Street to the west. Within this neighborhood is the Chapin School and this was where religious classes were held.

Saint Anthony of Padua Parish would use the Saint Stanislaus Cemetery as its burial ground.


Celestine Rozewicz19261939BURIAL
Michael M Cieslik19391940BURIAL
Benign M Ziemski19401948BURIAL
Raphael Wisniewski19661979BURIAL
Placid Kaczorek19881990BURIAL
Benedict FagoneBURIAL
Gerard MaciejewskiBURIAL

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