Power Canals and Reservoirs of Granby

Power Canals and Reservoirs of Granby

Carver Reservoir – Carver Sawmill from H I Carver and A E Carver – structures in Ludlow and reservoir mostly in Granby – on the Stony Brook – within Granby there is a canal from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir – grist mill is along the canal – W Carver, G Carver, and E and H Carver all live very close by

Ingraham Dam and Reservoir are on small tributary of the Bachelors Brook called Ingraham Brook

Forge Pond – has a canal – grist mill from the Cook family – on Bachelors Brook

Aldrich Lake – CC Aldrich and E J Aldrich – Bachelors Brook

just up stream from the Aldrich is a saw mill with a tiny reservoir

the Muddy Brook has no dams. reservoirs, nor canals

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