Postal History of Holyoke

The postal history of Holyoke is as complex as the city itself. As an example, in 1929, when the main post office was on 31 Main Street, there were 10 substations around the city. They were numbered 1 to 3 and 5 to 11. There were also two branch post offices – one in South Hadley and one in Willimansett. There was also a Holyoke Post Office Station at 239 Main Street (behind the Phoenix Building).

Stations were just outside the city limits too. Smiths Ferry Station ran from January 4 1876 to September 15 1919. Clarence Cogwell was the station agent for much of that time span. He was the station agent for the B and M railroad and postmaster.

At Mount Tom Station in Easthampton there was a post office that was in effect from July 5 1876 to the 1970s. At the Holyoke Place Post Office, Tadock Lyman was the postmaster. This station ran from Feb 3 1836 to Feb 21 1846. This office was either in South Hadley or in Hadley and was either at the top of the mountain Mount Holyoke or at its base.

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