Plainville Cemetery

Plainville Cemetery – FINDAGRAVE – was formed in 1802 along the eastern edge of Hadley near its border with Amherst. It is the second youngest of the Protestant cemeteries in the town with only the Russellville Cemetery being younger.


Charles Cummings

The Allen family stone is a cenotaph for the children. FINDAGRAVE

Isaac Hawley – first burial – FINDAGRAVE – near the Kellogg stone

Zebulon Taylor has a zinc monument.

Howard family

Henry Howard 1862 in New Bern

Charles Howard 1864 in Andersonville

Daniel Howard 1864 in Portsmouth Virginia

Cowles family

Rollin Cowles died at Cold Harbor Virginia in 1864 and his brother Silas Cowles would die two weeks later. Both would die due to the Civil War.


127 Mount Warner is the former schoolhouse (in the distance across the road to the east)

134 Mount Warner is the Cowles homestead from 1839.

103 Mount Warner is the Hawley homestead from 1850.

86 Mount Warner Rd is the Eli Hawley homestead from 1839.

Tobacco farmland surrounds the cemetery in all directions.

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