Pine Grove Cemetery of Chicopee and South Hadley Massachusetts

The Pine Grove Cemetery of Chicopee and South Hadley Massachusetts started about 1788 as a Baptist Cemetery. John Pendleton would be buried there and then many after him. It was at first a churchyard cemetery without a true churchyard since services were in a home. It was a South Hadley cemetery from 1788 to 1809 but when the county line was set, the line between South Hadley and Chicopee (then northern part of Springfield) was moved by about 300 yards. The cemetery was now in what would become Chicopee.

In 1888 the remainder of the burials of Pine Grove Cemetery were moved to the Chicopee Street Burial Ground. This was 23 bodies. (Thus the cemetery lasted 100 years) There was also a movement of bodies in the 1850s from the Pine Grove to the South Hadley Village Cemetery. After 1888 many people in northern Chicopee would be buried in the SH Village Cemetery and not in any Chicopee cemetery. The South Hadley Village Cemetery had been started by the Lamb family of South Hadley Falls. Until 1838 when that cemetery started, the people of the Falls used the Pine Grove Cemetery as a burial ground. Daniel Lamb might have been buried there.

In the South Hadley Falls Cemetery, any burial before 1839 is most likely from the Pine Grove. It does also have some burials from Cooley Chapin Cemetery and the Old South Hadley Cemetery (the Bowdoin and Bardwell are from there).

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