Odd Fellows Hall

The Odd Fellows Hall was at 233-243 High Street. You can read about the national order at LINK. The Odd Fellows used this and the Temple of Honor was adjacent to it.

In 1882 and 1885, the 233 to 237 High Street block is being called the Tilley Block.

237 High Street was Adams and Montague Clothiers.

The Knights of Columbus also used 235 High Street for their hall in 1900.

Sanborn map analysis:

Sanborn 1884 map nearly twin buildings are each four floors and the Home National Bank is in the southern one and the IOOF in the other. The Temple of Honor is in the 4th floor of the bank one.

Sanborn 1889 map same

Sanborn 1895 map same but it shows the halls on the 3rd floor and then from 1915 map onward the buildings are joined together by William Howe the architect and thus see the LINK

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