Main Street Cemetery (Easthampton)

Main Street Cemetery (Easthampton) is most likely from about 1770. Thus it has many old burials. It is on Main Street near Glendale Street.


Samuel Williston

Luther Clap

Disinterments from the Old Center Cemetery

There was once an older cemetery in Easthampton and it was across from the Williston Seminary. It started about the 1750s and lasted to about 1865 when it was moved into this cemetery. There are positioned around the holding tomb in the back of the cemetery.

Seth Janes

Lucy Pomeroy Clap

Miriam Hannum

Luke Packard

Cremation area

CPA of Easthampton

Ford plot

Ferry family plot

Maj Jonathan Clap

and spouse Submit Strong Clap

Lieut Asahel Clark

Benjamin Clap

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