Holyoke Club House

1904 or 1905190922 Suffolk Street
1911191186 Suffolk Street
19121918159 Chestnut Street

The Holyoke Club seems to have started in 1904 or 1905 with original officers of Lewis Wyckoff, A G Magna, and George Nicholson. In 1907 the officers are John E Clark, Charles M Porter, George Nicholson. Then in 1917 the Holyoke Club House had a president of A T Gallup and a tres/sec of Z D B Hallett.

Dec 2 1910 newspaper
11 Jul 1914 HTT

01 Sep 1917
Dec 27 1918 HTT

They take over the Chestnut Street location on January 3 1911 and relinquish it on March 17 1919.

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