Hillcrest Park Cemetery

Hillcrest Park Cemetery is at 895 Parker Street opposite Sunnybrook Road. This cemetery is an Olmsted designed one. Letters


The Olmsted family and cemeteries and memorials EXTERNAL LINK

MAP of the cemetery


Main Gate (section I)


Mausoleum, Crematory, and Masonic Memorial (sections A and B)

Office, Gate, Floral Clock, and Odd Fellows Memorial (sections C and D)


Birch Trees, Waterfall, and Garage (sections E and F)

Summer Garden, Pond, and Gazebo (sections G and Q)

Tower (sections M and N) – The tower is from 1936 and was made from the funds of Frederick and Anne Swindells.

Garden of Bronze, Sunclock, Oak Tree (sections K and O)

Christian Cross, Cremation Garden, Lookout Point, and Masonic Memorial (sections L and P)

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