Hampden Street (Holyoke) businesses

In 1927, Hampden Street (Holyoke) had many businesses that were frequented by members of the Doyle family. The year 1927 is chosen since Mary Doyle would have been 10 years old in that year.


907 Hampden Street – Mary Cunningham the druggist was here

911 Hampden Street – Alvin Phillips the grocer was here

Both 907 and 911 Hampden are in the Highland Block (907 to 917 Hampden). The Highland Block is a 1892 Victorian building that had commercial enterprises on the ground floor and residences on the upper floor.

930 Hampden Street – Luchini and Rigali confectioners were here

By 1951 the Highland Variety Store was at 908 Hampden Street.

Sanborn map analysis:

Sanborn 1889 map A and map B and the 1884 map has nothing

Sanborn 1895 map A and map B Highland Block is called the Rigali Block

Sanborn 1915 map A and map B

Sanborn 1949 map A and map B

Sanborn 1957 map A and map B

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