Church Street and its Neighborhood (Chicopee)

Church Street (Chicopee)

Edward Bellamy (1850 to 1898) – FINDAGRAVE – wrote Looking Backwards in 1888. He also wrote Equality in 1897. Lastly there was a booklet called The Religion of Solidarity.

Grove Street

Grove Street has a former mill housing unit.

Polish Home Association Building

George Buckland183571 ChurchGreek Revival
George Rumrill184681 Church
Edward Bellamy183091 Church
Amos Jones184099 Church
Andrew Hubbard1837109 Church
Jonathan Carpenter (Samuel Alvord)1838117 Church
Chicopee Manufacturing Company Boarding House183025 Grove StreetFederal
Polish Home Association Building192633 Grove
Fisk154 Grove

George Buckland at 71 Church

George Rumrill at 81 Church

Edward Bellamy

Amos Jones at 99 Church

Andrew Hubbard at 109 Church

Arthur MacArthur MemorialFINDAGRAVE

First Baptist ChurchLINK

Chicopee Falls Canal

Uniroyal – US Rubber (1940) – Fisk Rubber (1898) – Spaulding and Pepper (1895)

Main Street

Sanborn map analysis:

Sanborn 1885 map – map B

Sanborn 1891 map – map B

Sanborn 1902 map – map B

Sanborn 1910 map – map B

Sanborn 1915 mapmap B

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