Caledonia Building

The Caledonia Building has a long history.

The Caledonian Benefit Society purchased this building in 1909. Roswell Crafts had it built in 1874. The top floor is for social function, the ground floor is for retail business, and the middle two floors are for office space. It was built in the Second Empire style. The 4th floor has a skylight and has a staircase to the roof.

Heidner Merchant was here in 1885 on one of the lower floors.

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In 1915 Judd Insurance was here

Sanborn map analysis:

Sanborn 1884 map shows that 1st is stores, 2nd is offices, 3rd is dwellings, and 4th is hall

Sanborn 1895 map here it is still being called the Crafts Block

Sanborn 1915 map

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