Buttery Brook

The Buttery Brook runs within South Hadley with many of its own tributaries. It is the most obvious brook in town but neither its longest nor most used. Buttery Brook Park is explain HERE.

Brooks of South Hadley

Titus Pond DamTitus Pondsmall earthen damon tiny tributary of brook
Hillcrest DamHillcrest Pondsmall concrete and large earthen damson Buttery Brook Tributary
Smith DamSmith Reservoiron brook
Buttery Brook Park Dam 1Buttery Brook Park Reservoir 1medium concrete damon Buttery Brook Tributary
Buttery Brook Park Dam 2Buttery Brook Park Reservoir 2(GONE)on Buttery Brook Tributary
Granby Road Upramp DamGranby Road Reservoirconcrete and earthen (GONE)on Buttery Brook Tributary

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