Anniversary Field Renovations


Anniversary Field Renovations from December of 2023

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at the base of Scott Tower
Top of Tower Zoom in to South Hadley

path from the tower starting down to the parking lot section

lower part of path that comes out into the parking area

at base of back hill

at lookout

Here the road heading down to Overlook you can see the mud from all the rain , and the silt fence is up for run off
old parking area with path

Tower road looking out at ADA Path

From Tower base looking out toward the path to Bridge 4 and the ADA finish area
Overlook Drive

trail just off the paved road heading towards Overlook drive
the path thru the old parking area

from Overlook parking lot to pool area

clearing the trail near the pool

from Scott Tower looking toward trail to bridge 4

parking lot near the tower

lot near tower

partial road to the left goes up to the tower,  the right goes to overlook
lookout parking area

Overlook Drive
left side road looking up towards the tower

triangle area
Old dirt parking area path going down

path to peak of Crafts

lower tower area looking into the triangle with the Scott Rock in view

2 thoughts on “Anniversary Field Renovations”

  1. Bob, you did a terrific job incorporating Dave Gubala’s photos and adding descriptions. The triangle, cleared of most of its trees/brush, is how I recall its openness circa 1963. This area was lawn-covered and likely will be once again.

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