Anniversary and Community Fields Walking Tour

A private walking tour is possible. Also a one hour indoor presentation can be given.


This is the Anniversary and Community Fields Walking Tour. To read up on its general history, go HERE.

Stop 1 – Community Field and Day Brook

Day Brook is about 2.5 miles long from the top of Crafts Hill to its end at the Connecticut River. The segment from Norwood Terrace to just past MacKenzie Field was placed underground from 1925 to 1926. This is 4883 feet long or about 0.9 miles. It is not yet know when the segment from MacKenzie Field to the Connecticut River was placed under ground.


Stop 2 – Recreation

Ralph Sacks memorial stone

Stop 3 – Civilian Conservation Corps Trails

This trail system within Community Field and Anniversary Hill Park was made by the CCC in 1936. They have been maintained through the years by private individuals.

Stop 4 – CCC Stone Bridges

One bridge is more obvious than the other and both are more obvious in winter than in summer. Find the pole with the markings as seen in the first image and then take a right into the woods on the dirt path. The bridge is passable but the sides need repair.

Stop 4A – CCC Stone Bridges

To find the other bridge, find the telephone pole marked 11. Then look to the right side of the road and there should be a trail there. The bridge is still in good shape but there was a fallen tree on it as of 2022.

There are four stone bridges in the land that forms Community Field and Anniversary Field. Two are described above and two more are hidden within the lands and have no trails to them. The one higher in elevation within the land is shown in the two images below. The one lowest in elevation within the lands is not shown yet.

Stop 5 – Old Road

Back on the road, you will see a stone wall on the left. This was made by the CCC to support the grade of the hill. If you happen to go onto this dirt road and walk 150 feet more, then you will find a larger stone wall to support the even steeper hill and with a another wall at its right to support its base. This is the original road from the 1930s. The trail system and the road did not cross until a later time.

Stop 5A – Dam on Brook

About 30 feet more along the road find a peculiar looking dam on the brook. This is to your left. It was most likely a flood control dam. People did swim in it.

Stop 6 – Old Steps

Just a bit more on the tar road and on the left you will see a winding set of steps up the hill. They are walkable. There are 32 of them. The path on top leads to the tower.

Stop 8 – Scott Tower

Scott Tower was finished in 1939 by the WPA. It is named after Walter Scott who donated this land and died in 1935.

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Stop 9 – Anniversary Field

A side trail to the east of the tower leads to a fenced area in which you will get a grand view of Holyoke. Until 1963 the two parts of Anniversary Field were joined together into one. There was Anniversary Field at the bottom and Anniversary Hill Park at the top. A ski run started near this stop 9 and descended to where the fire station is now.

If you continue to your north along this fence and then onto a dirt path. This is the old Anniversary Field Road which after one third of a mile leads to the old cabin. There at Overlook Drive, Anniversary Road continued first to the north and then to the southeast to the base at Northampton Street.

See renovations.

3 thoughts on “Anniversary and Community Fields Walking Tour”

  1. Many a time walked or drove up to Scott’s Tower. The last time I visited (mid to late 90’s) I was sorry I went. Graffiti and the smell broke my heart.

  2. Holyoke has been purchasing land on the hillsides of Anniversary and Community Fields and when done they will be improving the tower and more.

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