Forestdale Cemetery Tour

Civil War Veterans

Andrew Butler is one of many GAR soldiers buried in Forestdale. The GAR was a fraternal group and any of its members could be buried in one of its plots.

Thomas Holman

Thomas Holman is one of only two soldiers from Holyoke that died because of the Civil War that is buried in Holyoke. James Burr is also buried in this cemetery. Thomas was injured at the Second Battle of Bull Run and he was brought to Goshen. He died after a month and was buried here.

Congregation Cemetery reburials

The Congregation Cemetery of Holyoke was moved in 1883 and most burials were placed into Forestdale. The largest three stones – Atkins, Davis, and Tuttle – were for sure moved to this cemetery. It is a good challenge to find these three stones.

Holding Tomb

There is a holding tomb in only two cemeteries of Holyoke. They are at this cemetery and at Calvary.

Whiting family

Newton family

Kemmler tragedy

The three young Kemler girls were killed by their father in 1869.

City Pauper’s Field

Modern burials

John MacKenzie is one of the burials in the modern section of this cemetery. He is a Presidential Medal of Honor winner during World War 1.