Veterans Park to High Street Walking Tour

stop 1 – Saint Jerome Church

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stop 2 – Veteran’s Park and the Civil War Statue

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stop 3 – Fire Stations and Firefighting in Holyoke

The Holyoke fire department has been strong throughout its history. The central fire station seen at the park was put in place in 1920 due to the mechanization of fire equipment.

stop 4 – History of Medical Care in Holyoke

Dr. James O’Connor was the premier doctor in Holyoke from the 1860s to the 1888. He helped Patrick Harkins start the Providence Hospital in the 1860s. He then built three buildings in a row at this southeast corner of Maple and Dwight Streets. His inscription on his gravestone is truly wonderful: “I would rather have my name engraved on the heart of some poor afflicted widow or some lonely orphan child than on the proudest monument that points to fame.”

stop 5 – Park Theater

The Park Theater was in operation in Holyoke from 1910 to 1920. It was a nickelodeon theater. The floor plan on the Sanborn maps of that period match again a later map and thus the building has not been removed.

stop 6 – Holyoke City Hall

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stop 7 – Caledonia

The Caledonia Building house the social club room for the Caledonian Society. This building was built by Roswell Craft.

stop 8 – North High Street Historic District

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The Transcript Building and Block housed the offices for the Holyoke Transcript-Telegram for about a century.

The Taber Building is in the Romanesque Revival style.

stop 9 – World War 2 Memorial of Holyoke

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stop 10 – Holyoke Post Office

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stop 11 – Notre Dame School

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