Holyoke Canal System Bicycle Riding Tour


The Holyoke Canal System Bicycle Riding Tour will bring you to many of the stops on the full tour. Stop 5 is the only one that is explained on this page with the remainder being via links.

stop 1 – Holyoke Canal Walkway

stop 2 – Cabot Street Power Station

stop 3 – Parsons Mill

stop 4 – Spillway 3

stop 5 – Merrick Mills and their Races

This is a nice stop to view races in action. Stand on Main Street near the Merrick Mills and near the exit ramp for Interstate 391. The Third Level Canal is at your feet and you can see stop 4 just to the west.

Walk a bit to the north on the sidewalk say by 40 feet. You can see the water rushing in from the turbine on South Race Street.

Walk about 120 feet more in the same direction. You can see the port race of the Merrick Mill.

stop 6 – Spillway 5

stop 7 – Riverside Station

stop 8 – Spillway 4

You do not have to go on to Water Street but rather stay on Canal Street.

stop 9 – Hadley Mills and Hadley Falls Workers’ Homes

stop 10 – Boatlock Station

stop 11 – Pulaski Park

stop 12 – Lyman Mill