Tours (Bus or Walking)

Holyoke Canal Tour

Saturday November 9 from 1 to 4 in the afternoon.  Bus tour on the Holyoke Canal System.  Reservation are needed – more lat4er.

Presenter is Robert Comeau.  The Holyoke Cultural Council is the main sponsor for the tour and the bus.  See you there!

The first public tour was in December of 2016.  The second public tour was in May of 2017.  Last year it was in June.

If you have a group that wants a tour of the Holyoke Canal System, then please contact me via this blog.  For non-profits, tours are free but you need to provide the bus.  For other groups, tour leader will be paid and transportation is needed.  I can taylor the trip to suit the group.  There are many possible stops to take on the tour.  Some can be a stop where everyone gets off the bus or a stop can be such that we stay on the bus at that location.  Some locations are spillways, dam, canals, mills, or parks.