Fomer Reservoir

The Fomer Reservoir in Southampton was owned by Holyoke via land deeds.

(Image is courtesy of the Holyoke History Room at the Holyoke Public Library.  It is from a booklet called “Souvenir by the Holyoke Water Works”.)

It is the only one of the four reservoirs that Holyoke owns in Southampton that is not still in existence. This is since it is under the Tighe Carmody Reservoir.

The area is called the Foamer by people in Southampton and called the Fomer by people in Holyoke. It is the western part of Southempton. The Holyoke Water Works slowly bought nearly all the deeds to the land in western part of Southampton. Families lived on farms in those lands. An excellent book was written between 1892 to 1905 about these families. The book forms a part of the Southampton portion of the Corbin Collection.

In 1896 Holyoke built a home at the juncture of two branches of the Manhan River. It allowed the workers on the Foamer Dam to work at the site.

The Foamer Reservoir lasted until 1957 when it was flooded over by the Carmody Reservoir.