South Hadley in the Great War

Click on “picture” for each person to get to the image for that person. This information is partially from the book South Hadley in the Great War from the 1932 edition. Many more facts have been added or changed. The pictures are from that book.

namebirthdeathclick belowdescriptionburial
Alvah Ernest AveryOct 23 1888Oct 18 1918picturedescriptionArlington
Francis William DompierSept 6 1898Oct 8 1918picturedescription
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Francis Moses GaylordJuly 29 1898Oct 22 1918picturedescription
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Leon Thomas MaguireSept 29 1892Oct 8 1918picturedescriptionSaint Rose
James MoodyMay 24 1894April 5 1918picturedescriptionSH Falls
Cyril John WallaceOct 9 1895Sept 9 1918picturedescriptionFrance
Benjamin Chester WhiteMay 26 1895June 8 1918picturedescriptionEvergreen
Harry Lovell WilliamsSept 7 1892Jan 4 1919picturedescription
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Robert Crichton11 May 1917France
William Crichton2 Jan 1917France