Parsons Paper Mill

Joseph Parsons built the first Parsons Mill was built along the spike of the First Level Canal. Its main product was fine paper.  It was located at the triangle of land that is formed by the Connecticut River and the First Level Canal.  The Parsons was the first mill along the canal system and thus received the first water that entered the canal.   It was built in 1853 and lasted until 1889 at this unique location.

The second Parsons Paper Mill was built in 1888 also along the First Level Canal.  This new location was at Sargeant Street at the end of the first canal.  It was the last paper mill in Holyoke.  It lasted until 2006 until it burned due to a fire.

1950 ad

Sanborn map analysis:

Sanborn 1895 map

Sanborn 1915 map

Sanborn 1949 map 

Sanborn 1949 map mill 1

Sanborn 1956 map