Brooks of South Hadley

There are many brooks of South Hadley. They area summarized below.

Bachelor BrookPearl City DamPearl City Reservoir
Buttery BrookTitus Pond DamTitus Pond
Hillcrest DamHillcrest Pond
Smith DamSmith Reservoir
Buttery Brook Park Dam 1Buttery Brook Park Reservoir 1
Buttery Brook Park Dam 2Buttery Brook Park Reservoir 2
Granby Road Upramp DamGranby Road Reservoir
Dry Brooknonenone
Elmer BrookLithia Springs Dam Lithia Springs Reservoir
Leaping Well BrookLeaping Well Dam Leaping Well Reservoir
Pond Street DamsPond Street Reservoirs
Newton Smith BrookStevens DamStevens Reservoir
Smith DamSmith Reservoir
Stony BrookUpper Pond DamUpper Pond
Willits Hallowell DamWillits Hallowell Pond
Lower Pond DamLower Pond
Mill DamMill Pond
Barrett’s Butting Mill DamBarrett’s Butting Mill Reservoir
Stony Brook TributaryKendrick Street Dam Kendrick Street Reservoir
White Brooknonenone
tiny brooksnonenone