Suffolk Theater

Movie Theaters of Holyoke

The Suffolk Theater was located at 11 Suffolk Street from 1913 to 1971. It started off in the Nickelodeon era but moved into the movie theater era. They also had stage theater.

1917 ad

You can see a picture of its INTERIOR here. It perhaps opened November 3 1913. Its EXTERIOR can be see at the link. It was on the corner of an alleyway and the last block of Suffolk. Seating was a little over 800 people.

Saturday August 23 1919 ad

Sanborn map analysis:

Sanborn 1895 map shows that that area is just rowhouses on Newton Place

Sanborn 1915 map shows the Rackliffe Building as the home of the theater

Sanborn 1949 map

Sanborn 1956 map