Paper Making

Paper Making

A good book is The History and Technique of an Ancient Craft by David Hunter.

Rag Room – old rags are ripped apart

Cutter and Duster – the rags are cut and dust is removed

Bleach Boiler – bleach is added to remove colors

Cutter and Duster number 2 – rags are cut again



Paper Machine – the Fourdrinier makes the rags into paper

Drying Drums – the paper is ready but now dries

Sizing – the paper is filled with many chemical to give it bulk:

tub sized – mixture added to the surface of paper

animal sized – made from animal fat

engine sized – mixture added to the inside layer of paper

Loft or Final Drying – drying again

Calendering – the paper is squeezed into many thicknesses

Sorting/Counting/Packing – and sent to you