Otis was settled in 1735 and became a town in 1810.

Otis Drowning of 1919



East Otis Cemetery – Pike Road near East Otis and Blandford Roads – about 1841 FINDAGRAVE – the East Otis Schoolhouse is nearby

Free Meeting House Cemetery (West Otis Cemetery) – Cold Spring Road (Nash Road) off Monterey Road – about 1802 – FINDAGRAVE – West Otis School House is nearby

Gulf Bridge Cemetery – FINDAGRAVE – State Forest Road in Tolland State Forest – made in 1840 for the Clark family

Norton Cemetery – FINDAGRAVE – on Norton Road not far from East Otis Road – about 1776 – on the Knox Trail – stone wall is part of trail

Otis Center Cemetery – FINDAGRAVE – on 41 Monterey Road near the North Main Road – about 1812 – the Saint Pauls Episcopal Church 1829 – Otis Town Common – War Memorial – Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Church 72 North Main Road

West Center Cemetery – FINDAGRAVE – Stebbins Road near West Center Road 1792

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