Nuns of Holyoke

The nuns of Holyoke are varied since there are so many ethnic groups within the city. Below is a rundown of the orders and when and where they served.

orderlocationyears in Holyokelocal burial locationsmotherhouseexternal link to their history
Notre DameNotre Dame School1869 -1910Saint Jerome Cemetery in HolyokeWaltham MassachusettsHISTORY
Sisters of Saint JosephSt JeromeRosary (1920 on) – Sacred Heart1886 – todaySt Michael’s Cemetery of Springfield and Mont Marie Cemetery of HolyokeSpringfieldHISTORY
Franciscan Sisters of Saint JosephMater Dolorosa1906 – 1994HISTORY
Sisters of Sainte AnnePrecious Blood1888 – 1971Nicolet of Quebec CanadaHISTORY
Sisters of the Presentation of MaryImmaculate Conception Perpetual Help1891 – 1979HISTORY
Sisters of ProvidenceLINKNovember 1873 – todayCalvary Cemetery of the Sisters of Providence in Holyoke HolyokeHISTORY

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